• At ICHINEN, we provide you with the best day every day. Just as our slogan says, we at the ICHINEN GROUP continue to provide our customers with amenities through our businesses to ensure that each and every day is the best one for our customers. Masashi Kuroda, President and CEO of ICHINEN HOLDINGS CO., LTD Click here to view the top message.

Business Details

  •  Automotive Leasing Business

    Leasing, automotive maintenance outsourcing, and sale of automotive and industrial fuel.

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  • Chemical Business

    We develop a variety of original chemical products ranging from those for factory use to those for household use.

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  • Parking Business

    We effectively utilize and provide stable monetization of land with our proprietary management systems and proactive business development.

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  • Machine Tool Business

    We develop and sell tools for use in fields such as automotive repairs, industrial machinery, air conditioning, and personal use.

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  • Synthetic Resin Business

    This new business plays a part in the growth strategy of ICHINEN GROUP. We are developing environmentally conscious businesses with the synthetic resin business at their core.

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