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Corporate Information

Message from the President

The pure holding company of ICHINEN GROUP is ICHINEN HOLDINGS CO., LTD. We at ICHINEN GROUP work to manage the group as a whole while each of the affiliated companies manages itself independently.
We have developed our automotive leasing business, chemical, parking, machine tool sales, synthetic resin businesses and agribusiness.
Moving forward, we will endeavor to strengthen the business foundation of the group aimed at the next generation while continuing to strengthen our existing businesses. Furthermore, we will provide our customers with a wide range of amenities that are not bounded by our business areas and we will aim to expand our businesses so as to better contribute to society throughout the world.

Management Principle

The basic management principle of our company is to reward our shareholders and employees and to be of service to society by fully satisfying a great number of customers with our excellent quality and services and by securing a reasonable profit.

Company Overview

  • Corporate name

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  • Headquarters

  • Board of Directors
  • Stock exchange listing

    First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Stock code


  • Capital stock

  • Net sales

  • Account closing month


We have expanded the scale of our company to match the changing times.

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